Gary Russell our late chairman was the drive and motivation to promote our Youth Council at Moss Bank JFC. We had a number of meetings with club members and wanted to really promote the Youth Council in 2020 but sadly on the 23rd December 2019 our wonderful chairman Gary Russell sadly passed away and this left a huge void at the club. After further discussions in the New Year with Senior Management at the club we found it imperative that we continued Gary’s legacy and continue to evolve our newly formed youth council. Gary had already set up the initial youth council with 7 club members and we were looking to advertise and add another 8 members over the course of the New Year and beyond. If you are interested in joining please drop an email to and we will be in touch. The Moss Bank JFC Youth Council is designed to inspire, empower and provide a voice for all children and young people to influence change, and develop a lasting legacy in Football at Moss Bank JFC. Something that Gary wanted to achieve.

It provides a platform for our young members to support youth participation in decision making at the club. The Youth Council devise and lead on their own projects throughout the year.

The new Youth Council enables young people at Moss Bank JFC to identify, discuss and consider their grassroots football at Moss Bank JFC that they consider important. The Youth Council is a platform which allows young people to learn and increase their knowledge of the game in various areas. The Youth Council will challenge and support young leaders to help them develop themselves to lead groups and aspire.

We are delighted to announce that we are recruiting for our Moss Bank JFC Youth Council. 

We are looking for another 7/8 young people between the ages of 7 – 18 from within the club to represent their members and to help shape and develop football within Moss Bank JFC.

The Youth Council will work alongside our Senior Management Committee to inform decision making surrounding young people’s involvement within football at Moss Bank JFC.

The vision of the Youth Council is to inspire, empower and provide a voice for all children and young people to influence change, and develop a lasting legacy in football at Moss Bank JFC.

Recognising diversity and promoting inclusion is a priority for the Youth Council in our efforts to make football a game For All.

Successful candidates will be expected to attend at least 70% of all Youth Council meetings and events that are delivered throughout the year.

The aims of the Youth Council is to develop from ideas within the team itself. The group will work cohesively to impact upon the number of children and young people participating and volunteering within our club, as well as developing a network of young people to effectively deliver specific projects.


Our current Youth Council Ambassadors;

  • Xander T – Youth Council Leader
  • Tyler W – Youth Council Deputy Leader
  • Noah Mc
  • Rico L
  • Kian P
  • Shanelle H
  • Ryley M