We are hoping to form a number of walking football teams at Moss Bank JFC over the coming months. We are registering interest of anyone who wants to play in this increasingly popular aspect of football played at a slower pace. We are looking at starting teams at the Over 50s, Over 60s, Over 65s and Over 70s. We have a league to enter and we just need the players. This will be a 6×6 format. We are also looking at forming a football women’s team for Over 35s 6×6 format to participate initially in friendlies across the North West. We would also like to appoint a walking football coordinator who would oversee the walking football and this role would be fully supported by the club. Its a healthy way of doing something active whilst playing the game we love. Interested? Register your interests by emailing Andy Kearney at or text 07702472952. We look forward to hearing from you.