I was lucky to be appointed as Head of the Age Group for U8’s season 2019/20 and have had a great time and looking forward to continuing at U9’s Head of Age Group.

I am a senior member of the senior management team and also been a coach at Moss Bank JFC for the last 3 years.

We have an excellent set of coaches at U9’s in all the 3 teams and also great parents from the Greens, Blues and Whites. More than anything we have a great bunch of kids who play in all the 3 teams. I have seen all players progress and this is down to the dedication of the coaching staff. As always we have movement of players at the end of the season alongside appraisals which is something I want to embed in our age group. That way the child and parent know the areas of strength and weakness to work on and improve their all round game and to make them better players and to enjoy playing football.

We have a wide range of abilities at U9’s and everyone enjoying their football on a Saturday morning great to see.

I am really looking forward to this season to watch the teams develop and also the coaches development with 2 new coaches joining the ranks. My role is to support our coaches across the age group and to sort out any issues that occasionally arise. First, discuss any issues with your coach/manager and then if not resolved I am happy to further discuss with the coaches and yourselves to resolve the matter. It is also important to pass on all the positives your coaches do for you team as these are important also. My contact details are – Thanks.


The 20/21 season will be my 4th with Moss Bank Greens u9s and I’m really lucky to have a group of dedicated, hard working players. We are all looking forward to having a successful season watching the lads develop individually and as a team. We have moved to 7×7 format this season and there has been some movement between teams. I am sure this will benefit the teams and allow players to progress further. Player movement is always difficult and I hope we can all embrace it following the club ethos. We have a great set of parents going into 20/21 season and both Clint and I are looking forward to coaching the team. Here’s to a great 20/21 season and a chance to see the lads develop even further. We will at Christmas be undertaking appraisals and this will give you has parents and your child an opportunity to progress further with advice and guidance. We have a great club and we are a massive part of the future. Please have respect for the coaches and allow the coaches to coach particularly on matchdays. I am all for praise and encouragement but please understand the lads will rotate regularly and they have clear instructions from ourselves and what we have also taken from training. Please don’t shout instructions to your children as this will totally confuse them. Please watch the video below and this emphasises that point. Cheers all.

Good luck to all the teams at Moss Bank for the coming season.