Our squad has been formulated from two teams from separate clubs, both teams suffered from a reduced number of players but despite this, all the players committed to their relevant teams each week and wished to continue the football journey,often with uneven sides games.

As opponents we met with reduced numbers an uneven players Carl their coach agreed to play a balanced game with equal players. This gave us the idea…..

As coaches from both teams, we realised we had the same coaching philosophy and  commitment.

We organised to merge the two teams to form a larger squad at  Moss Bank JFC.

After a warm welcome meeting with senior committee members and the idea came to life,exactly as the clubs ethos promotes, allowing 20 players to continue their love of the beautiful game.

We have been welcomed to the Club by the committee and are looking forward to our new season,as a new squad, at our new home making new friends whilst continuing our journey “Our teams ethos echoes the club, we focus on personal development of each player with a common goal of enjoyment and friendship within an  environment that builds confidence and personal skills.”

We are looking forward to exciting times with our new family at Moss Bank JFC  as we continue to support the club and provide a positive experience.

We have  varied FA coaching qualifications between the 4 coaches and more progression is planned within the club and for the club.

The Coaches


Hi my name is Sean Anderson and I’m the head of age group for the under 13 to under 21 team here at MossBank.

I am new to this role myself as I agreed to do it a few months ago, part of my role is to liaise with all the coaches that fall under my age groups and make sure that if they are at home they are allocated a pitch and a time slot on a Saturdays and going forward I will also be making sure all the teams have up to date squad list and other things that parent and players might not know goes on behind the scenes.

While in this role I think its important that all players, parents and coaches feel that they can come to me with any issues they may have no matter how big or small because ultimately I think grassroots football is about enjoyment and having fun for all whether that’s the players on the pitch, the parents cheering for the team on the side lines or the coaches volunteering and giving up hours of their time to make sure that the players have a fun and safe environment in which they can play football.

That is just a little bit about me and what I do here at Moss Bank JFC thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you soon. If you need to contact me please email or mobile: 07464727484