I have been at Moss Bank now for 6yrs but have been a part of football for 11yrs. I started my football coaching life at another club within the borough as a parent but as we all do i ended up coaching to help the team out. Having been a player at professional academies as a youth i enjoyed the thought of giving something back.

I became a part of Moss Bank after becoming unsettled with the club i was currently at. I made a few phone calls to a variety of clubs to find a new home for my team who had agreed we needed to move. I had a conversation with our late Chairman Gary Russell and also Club Founder Marcus Howarth, after the call i had no hesitation in confirming i would be joining the club. Everything put to me by the team at Moss Bank was child focused and all about the club, not individuals.

I currently coach U11S Greens

As i got to know the club more i started to become more of a “Club Man” which led to me being appointed Club Discipline and Welfare Officer part of the Senior Management Team in 2018. This is a role i have continued to commit to and will continue to do so as long as the members want me in position.

In 2019 the Club started to provide Free Goalkeeper Training for all members, I was asked to head this up as the Head Of GK Training. This is an initiative that has gone from strength to strength and again a part of the clubs growth i will continue to commit to.

2019 also saw the introduction of Heads Of Age Group (HOAG) i was appointed head of U10.

My vision for my age group moving forward into U11S is to ensure that all teams within my age group have sufficient team numbers and access to good training facilities to enable teams to grow. All players that come into the age group will be assessed on ability to ensure that they are playing at the right ability level and not left to fail at a level they aren’t comfortable with. I provide support around the clock for all coaches within the age groups and will always show support at parent meetings regardless of which team it involves. Moving forward into the new season i aim to give access to my age group to junior coaches who are looking to find some kind of careers in the game through college or other routes, this will provide support for coaches and bring in fresh ideas.

All parents from the age group will be supplied with my contact details should they have a question to ask at any time. My contact details are or mobile: 07857484341. We are part of a passionate age group with coaches and parents that support us at all times, we thank them for this commitment and look forward to the same throughout the new season.


Rob McLoughlin