HI I’m Danny Webster, I coach the U’8s Whites and I am also the head of age group for U’8s. (HOAGS).

I’ve been coaching at Moss Bank JFC coming on for 10 years now. I started coaching my eldest sons team at U14’s and took them all the way to U21’s.
Then when Finn (my son) started to get involved in football I decided to step away from open age football and get involved with his team becoming the coach. Having spent all this time at Moss Bank JFC I’ve seen the growth in the club going from strength to strength and I am proud to be a part of it.

As the Head of Age Group (HOAG of the U8’s) I think it’s an important time to help the kids grow and fall in love with the game as I’m the sure the rest of us do too. Even though winning is something we all aspire to do, I honestly believe if the kids are happy and their progression will follow. That’s the main point I want them all to understand. The main thing is that the children enjoy themselves  playing football and enjoy making friends and memories. Coaches are their role models so we need to be happy and encourage them in every aspect. Positive encouragement form all the parents is also important and key to their growth.
I’m looking forward to many more happy years at Moss Bank JFC with the kids, coaches and parents enjoying the journey with me.

If you have any concerns, questions are worries please don’t hesitate in contacting me at or mobile: 07980298608.

Many Thanks


I was lucky to be appointed as Head of the Age Group for U8’s season 2019/20 and have had a great time and looking forward to continuing at U9’s Head of Age Group.

I am a senior member of the senior management team and also been a coach at Moss Bank JFC for the last 3 years.

We have an excellent set of coaches at U9’s in all the 3 teams and also great parents from the Greens, Blues and Whites. More than anything we have a great bunch of kids who play in all the 3 teams. I have seen all players progress and this is down to the dedication of the coaching staff. As always we have movement of players at the end of the season alongside appraisals which is something I want to embed in our age group. That way the child and parent know the areas of strength and weakness to work on and improve their all round game and to make them better players and to enjoy playing football.

We have a wide range of abilities at U9’s and everyone enjoying their football on a Saturday morning great to see.

I am really looking forward to this season to watch the teams develop and also the coaches development with 2 new coaches joining the ranks. My role is to support our coaches across the age group and to sort out any issues that occasionally arise. First, discuss any issues with your coach/manager and then if not resolved I am happy to further discuss with the coaches and yourselves to resolve the matter. It is also important to pass on all the positives your coaches do for you team as these are important also. My contact details are – Thanks.


I was lucky to be appointed as Head of the Age Group for U9’s season 2019/20 and have had a great time and looking forward to continuing at U10’s Head of Age Group.

I’m proud to represent the Senior Management Team and Moss Bank Junior Football Club as a whole.

Our age group have gone from strength to strength and we now operate 5 teams being coached by 14 dedicated volunteers.

We have a wide spectrum of abilities and everyone enjoying their football on a Saturday morning is a joy to see.

Looking forward to the new season and watching all the players develop further across all 5 teams. My role is to support our coaches across the age group and to sort out any issues that occasionally arise. First port of call is always to discuss any issues with your coach/manager and then if not resolved I am happy to further discuss with the coaches and yourselves to resolve. It is also important to pass on all the good work your coaches do for you team as these are important also. My contact details are – Thanks.


I have been at Moss Bank now for 6yrs but have been a part of football for 11yrs. I started my football coaching life at another club within the borough as a parent but as we all do i ended up coaching to help the team out. Having been a player at professional academies as a youth i enjoyed the thought of giving something back.

I became a part of Moss Bank after becoming unsettled with the club i was currently at. I made a few phone calls to a variety of clubs to find a new home for my team who had agreed we needed to move. I had a conversation with our late Chairman Gary Russell and also Club Founder Marcus Howarth, after the call i had no hesitation in confirming i would be joining the club. Everything put to me by the team at Moss Bank was child focused and all about the club, not individuals.

I currently coach U11S Greens

As i got to know the club more i started to become more of a “Club Man” which led to me being appointed Club Discipline and Welfare Officer part of the Senior Management Team in 2018. This is a role i have continued to commit to and will continue to do so as long as the members want me in position.

In 2019 the Club started to provide Free Goalkeeper Training for all members, I was asked to head this up as the Head Of GK Training. This is an initiative that has gone from strength to strength and again a part of the clubs growth i will continue to commit to.

2019 also saw the introduction of Heads Of Age Group (HOAG) I was appointed head of U10.

My vision for my age group moving forward into U11s is to ensure that all teams within my age group have sufficient team numbers and access to good training facilities to enable teams to grow. All players that come into the age group will be assessed on ability to ensure that they are playing at the right ability level and not left to fail at a level they aren’t comfortable with. I provide support around the clock for all coaches within the age groups and will always show support at parent meetings regardless of which team it involves. Moving forward into the new season i aim to give access to my age group to junior coaches who are looking to find some kind of careers in the game through college or other routes, this will provide support for coaches and bring in fresh ideas.

All parents from the age group will be supplied with my contact details should they have a question to ask at any time. My contact details are We are part of a passionate age group with coaches and parents that support us at all times, we thank them for this commitment and look forward to the same throughout the new season.


Rob McLoughlin


Welcome to the u12 age group page, school year 7 Sept 2020.

This is our little area of grassroots football in Bolton and Bury.

Like many grassroots teams and clubs we have a variety of skill level across our Moss Bank JFC u12 group. We currently have two teams who consistently play at a mid-high level in our blues and greens. Both these teams have a core of children who have been playing grassroots football in Bolton for Moss Bank since a young age, showing how we take children into our care hoping for a long term development not just a quick experience.

This age group has continued to grow in player numbers over time. We have an additional team also, our Whites, who have a fantastic team ethos and spirit and who’s players work hard – week in and week out.

Moss Bank JFC and this age group ethos has always been to welcome any player irrespective of ability or experience, we are sure we can find a home for all players at our u12 age group.

Moss Bank JFC and our Head Of Age Group Mike Thompson are aligned in the belief that anyone of any ability or experience should be able to participate and play football we do this by providing our coaches with as much training and support as possible, developing suitable training sessions appropriate for the player.

To know more about our teams please visit the individual team pages and read about the managers involved.

This great set of coaches is within a club that has what we believe are ‘exceptional’ grassroots facilities.

At our Home HQ Leasing Options Pavilion we have a great 9v9 pitch ideal for u12 grassroots, in addition to this adjacent to the site is the HARRISON’S Captains Clough 9v9 pitch also. MBJFC has additionally invested in taking a lease and investing in upkeep on another nearby grassroots football facility, which will also provide 9v9 pitches on site!

Not many grassroots football clubs can boast the number and definitely not the quality of pitches we have at our disposal.

A testament to the club and its re-investment in the needs of our players.

As the under 12s enter the 2020/21 season they are stepping up to a ‘competitive’ level of football for the first time with all games counting for points in the assigned LEAGUE section. All three of our teams are playing in the BBDFL grassroots football league this season and we wish them all the best of luck.

Finally we hope any new visitors looking for a grassroots u12 teams are interested contact the club or HOAG Mike Thompson as we will be moving to 11 a side football for the following season and as always will welcome any new players to the club.





Thanks for visiting the Moss Bank JFC website.

I am the manager of the u13’s Greens along with being the head of age group for all our u13’s teams for the 2020/21 season.

As U13’s, all three of our teams (Greens, Reds and Blues) are going to be experiencing playing the season as 11v11 for the first time, so exciting times ahead.
Each of our teams have had their players graded on playing ability, so this ensures they play with team mates of a similar standard.

As the head of age group and also being a member of the clubs senior management team, I am here to support and assist our coaches, players and parents.

Any questions or problems you have please initially contact your teams manager/coach and they will do their best to answer or resolve, but if you need me to assist I am happy to help.

I am available on each teams WhatsApp groups and will come and say hello on match and training days.

My email address is


Hi my name is Sean Anderson and I’m the head of age group for the under 13 to under 21 team here at MossBank.

I am new to this role myself as I agreed to do it a few months ago, part of my role is to liaise with all the coaches that fall under my age groups and make sure that if they are at home they are allocated a pitch and a time slot on a Saturdays and going forward I will also be making sure all the teams have up to date squad list and other things that parent and players might not know goes on behind the scenes.

While in this role I think its important that all players, parents and coaches feel that they can come to me with any issues they may have no matter how big or small because ultimately I think grassroots football is about enjoyment and having fun for all whether that’s the players on the pitch, the parents cheering for the team on the side lines or the coaches volunteering and giving up hours of their time to make sure that the players have a fun and safe environment in which they can play football.

That is just a little bit about me and what I do here at Moss Bank JFC thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you soon. If you need to contact me please email or mobile: 07464727484