The Little Green Dragons have now been going for 3 years and it has been great to see the kids progress on their football journey from some not being able to kick a football properly to now playing matches on a Saturday mornings.

All the Dragons have done incredibly well and they have now all improved massively. They now know about team work, passing, shooting, Dribbling, space awareness and they all massively enjoy there training sessions.

We have around 40 kids in the group at the moment and there is a waiting list also. We continue to get between 40 kids every session which is good and these kids range from 3 5o 5. Joe F, Noel and Paul take the 3 & 4 year olds and Marcus, Joe A and myself take the 5 year olds. Both groups are doing extremely well and progressing quickly.

For this coming season I can`t wait to see more of the kids moving up to playing matches as there are a large number of them ready now. The group will also move forward and it is rewarding seeing the kids that have move up already and also the ones that are going to be making that step very soon.



(Little Dragons Head of Age Group)