In the 2019-20 season the club decided that we would like to look at the options of providing Free Goalkeeper training for all Goalkeepers and aspiring Goalkeepers within the club, I was approached by the club and asked if i would be interested in heading this up with the obvious support network that would be in place from the Senior Management Team.

Naturally being a Goalkeeper myself i agreed to this not just because of my love for the position of Goalkeeper but also my love for this great club.

We started sessions in the summer months and saw numbers of 25+ Goalkeepers of all ages turning up for sessions, we never expected these numbers straight from the get go so obviously it was seen as a great opportunity that players really bought into.

This led me to approach our current U16 Goalkeeper Bailey to assist me in delivering sessions, he will also be given his FA Goalkeeper coaching badge along the way.

Sessions have gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months, more and more Goalkeepers attending and obvious signs of improvement within all age groups from 5-18. Commitment has been high and coach support from age groups have been fantastic.

We now have a new structure in place whereby due to demand we are now running 2 sessions per week-

Session 1 is for age groups 5-9- The aim of sessions at these age groups is to develop an understanding of the position of Goalkeeper, to develop confidence both catching the balls and diving to ground along with positioning.

Session 2 is 10-18- These session focus on more technical aspects of the Goalkeeper:-

  • One thing that many Goalkeepers forget is to talk with their teammates.
  • Quick Reflexes. …
  • Covering Angles. …
  • Reading Opponents. …
  • Diving- Reactions
  • High balls
  • Set positions
  • Handling
  • Footwork

Goalkeepers are no longer the player who stands between the posts and waits for some action, the Goalkeeper is the first build up player and can alter a game from the back by having a technical knowledge that you would expect of an outfield player.

Needless to say all sessions come with something that is extremely important:-

Team work, sportsmanship and fun. #1