As many of you know its coming to the anniversary of the amazing Gary’s Russell’s passing. He was a fantastic man and a key member of raising money for charity and his   beloved Moss Bank Junior Football Club.

We would like to carry on fund raising in his  name “Gary’s  Gifts” to mark the year and   offer help and support to the Moss Bank JFC  players and their families that have been affected by the pandemic.

The idea is to raise a glass for Gary, I am asking you all to donate just £3 (the price of his  favourite glass of red wine) to our fundraiser.

Once you have donated, you can post a picture on social media of yourself raising a glass with the hastag #AGlassForGarysGifts You can leave a message along side your picture for Gary’s family – who love the idea of helping families who have been effected by COVD – they will be able to see how many people cherished Gary.

We aim to provide / meal hampers – vouchers and toys to people who have suffered  hardship and are worried about making Christmas 2020 happen for their loved ones.

By raising a glass for Gary we hope to take the pressure out of Christmas and ensure Father Christmas can deliver to all the Moss Bank JFC families this year

We are also taking donations at the club house of new toys/gifts and selection boxes.

Please share this post far and wide and please take part.

Our Garys Gift campaign and the go fundme page. Its going extremely well in the first few days from launch..

As part of the Gary’s Gift initiative we are also asking for donations of toys and gifts.

Our suggestion is if your child for example plays or trains for a Under 10s team then you could donate a toy age appropriate to a 10yr old child..

For the older kids maybe a voucher for a sports outlet or similar be appropriate or pledge a donation on gofundme.

Please lets give generously and give a child  Christmas memories for life.

“Together in the Moss Bank family. Creating memories.”. #GARYSGIFTS #AGlassForGarysGifts

Please donate at our gofund page

Gary’s Gifts

Please use the Gary’s Gift contact form on this page to send us a message.

Alternatively, text Marcus Howarth on 07536088253 or Andrew Kearney on 07702472952 and text “Garys Gifts” and we will contact you back.

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