We have 4 sites at Moss Bank JFC. Our headquarters and main area for Moss Bank JFC is the Leasing Options Pavilion at below 436 Church Road, Smithills, Bolton, BL1 5RP. This facility has a clubhouse, cafe, changing rooms, equipment rooms and goal post storage. On the Leasing Options Pavilion we have one 11×11 pitch, 1 9×9 pitch, 2 7×7 pitches and 3 5×5 pitches.

On the opposite side of the road between Captains Clough Road we have the Harrisons Estate Agents Captains Clough which has 1 11×11 pitch and a 9×9 pitch. We also have the BRS inside Park 11×11 pitch making up the full 12 acre site. We also have 3 satellite pitches at Barlow Park, 2 11×11 and 1 9×9 pitch. These are all maintained by Moss Bank JFC.

Our Pavilion and Captains Clough pitches have the use of the clubhouse and garage areas for equipment. Our Inside Park pitch has facilities for storage and soon to be renovated changing rooms.

Our Barlow Park pitches also have changing rooms and storage available.


Here is a video of the typical volunteers day during close season to upkeep the pitches and supplied by Moss Bank TV and our media team.


Our Kitchen staff of Collette, Georgia, Jasmine and Millie (week days) are fantastic volunteers and they run the Cafe every match day and also training nights providing a great service to all our members and visiting teams. The Moss Bank JFC Meat Medley with a hashbrown is a Moss Bank deliciously that sets you up for the day ahead. As well as serving various ‘barm options of sausage or bacon or both’ and hot drinks we have a range of confectionery on sale. We have seating facilities in the cafe area (currently not in use because of COVID guidelines). The Cafe is now open with social distancing rules applied and an entrance and exit areas. Card payments are now accepted. Our cafe staff are fantastic people please treat them with respect. You will find them approachable and will assist you wherever they can.